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Inferno Movie Review

Inferno It is a minute 14 October 2016 before midnight “- the gravitational psychopath Zobrist (Ben Foster) says gravitationally in front of a television camera, meaning the end of mankind, which is supposed to be on the doorstep of certain overpopulation algorithms. Zobrist has a lot of followers; Women, above all, adore him and his macabre cleverness. With a specially created this madman wants to kill half of mankind to create space for new life on Earth.

Inferno full movie

Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and his physician Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), Watch Inferno Full Movie after their life-threatening escape from a Florentine hospital, see the video of Zobrist on YouTube, which is documented with apocalyptic treat. Langdon looks at the computer-monitor with the typical, somewhat pinched look at him; He hears the prophetic chatter of the blond-bearded, charismatic terrorist, and it is hard to say what irritates him more – the disaster threatened with, or the dazzling modernity of the YouTube site.

Dan Brown demands a lot

Like a small revolution, the self-paced Internet-enabled laptop in Langdon’s slightly gesticulated world, in which one Robert Langdon film series, and stars Tom Hanks, reprising his role as Robert Langdon, alongside Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ben Foster and Irrfan Khan. must consult ancient art with ancient scenes, when it comes to dealing with delicate world conspiracies at the last minute – or even at the last minute , And in which a strange pointer device mysteriously carved out of human bone when it throws Botticelli’s painting “Lombardi dell’inferno” on the wall with a slight shake.
The world designs produced by the American writer Dan Brown with his million-fold thriller series around the Harvard professor of iconography and symbology Robert Langdon demand a lot. In order to achieve the aesthetic pleasure, not only anyone who can not do anything with the sensationalism of conspiracy theories – as a cinema spectator one must be able to appreciate this semi-academic gingerbread as a world-saving intervention.


Placed scenes

So Langdon and Brooks march around in a scene of the film about the Piazza San Marco: the countdown runs, of course, the time runs the two of them, the virus will soon be released; Langdon was supposed to be quick to decipher the secret signposting of old paintings, but he can not help it, and he has to give his companion a lecture about the etymology of the word quarantine.
Such scenes appear to be as misplaced as if one had placed a pink-colored cylinder in the professor, who was fundamentally completely uncharacteristically and always desolate. And that is why it is here at least as much as the salvation of mankind: by nine times wise universal teachings, or by universally taught nine-time wisdom.
In order to cross Zobriste’s plan, Robert and Sienna (whose innocent-impregnated face does not promise much good from the beginning) have to go through the history of the art of Schnitzeljagd. Zobrist organized this for himself, for whatever reason.
Dante’s mask also provides a clue as Botticelli’s painting had begun. Langdon and Brooks complement each other splendidly: What he does not know, she has in stock and vice versa. She has high heights, he does not like tight spaces. When they are looking for clues on a painting, the camera becomes hot: it isolates individual parts, the cut rate is accelerated – like a brain in which a realization is currently maturing.

Finally, “Inferno” takes on a ride

These are the only moments when “Inferno” takes on something like a ride – apart from a diabolic and correspondingly reddish dream sequence at the beginning of the film, in which the hell and its outbursts are washed onto the earth’s surface.

All in all, the following can be said: anyone who has forgotten the twists and turns of the novel came to its conclusion, can be reminded in this film again. Otherwise Langdon is quite right when he says in one place that it is completely healthy and in order to forget things.

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